Monday, March 26, 2007

Purging the past

Les made a crack yesterday that it's a good thing we're not moving next month, because we both need to get in shape for it first...

The way my back felt this morning tells me he's right.

On the up side, both the couch and the CD rack have been thrown out, we moved the dining room table to where the couch used to be, the VCR bookcase (a POS that's getting thrown eventually too) to the dining room along with both litter boxes, and we'll move the computer back to the dining room table. That'll leave me free to toss the old corkboard that we've been using as a makeshift desk, and unpack/repack the boxes that supported it.

When I say we threw out the couch, I ain't kidding. After some thought, we decided not to take it down the front stairs; instead, we took it out the porch door and pitched it right over the side (we're on the 2nd floor), and then carried it to the dumpster. It didn't have quite the catharsis that throwing out the papasan did, but I'm still glad it's gone.

There's a lot of boxes still to be dealt with, but the place already feels a shade roomier in the main living area, which is nice. I have ideas for curtains and putting up some more pictures, and we're thinking of splurging on a small entertainment center for the TV, VHSs/DVDs, & VCR/DVD player when the stock money comes in.

The bedroom unfortunately is another story, but that's because I don't want to deal with those boxes until I have my closet back; which I'll be inquiring about when I go to talk to the property manager today about our renewal.

I started a new hat this weekend, and working on the SSS a bit; it's almost done, I think. I'm going to stop after this skein, add the second color, and do that cast-off that everyone hates. Also gotta hit Joann's soon if I want to do the egg cozy thing for my dad.

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