Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Meandering Tuesday

Preparing for the move may have been an exercise in denial, but one thing's for sure, it'll get us a little more organized. I spent last night neglecting my knitting :( in favor of shredding an entire box of bank documents that pre-dated Les. We can barely move in our foyer again, because it's piled with stuff to get thrown out. I think that's how the week is going to go, a box at a time.

Definitely not missing the couch...can actually move in our living room again. Though if it's possible for the cats to be more underfoot now, they are. And Jordan's seems dangerously underweight now; the second that stock check clears, we're taking him to the vet.

Also, definitely still a couple of rows left before I'm done with the blue yarn on the SSS...you know how it is when you knit a row, check, and go, darn, not done yet. Still, gave me something to do while I waited at the podiatrist. Also, I am in love with the North Star Tam & Scarf that they are showcasing in the Spring KnitPicks...may have to indulge in the Arctic Lace book; looks like a bunch of stole/scarf patterns there, which would challenge my skills without challenging my patience.

Podiatrist visit was a little more illuminating. It's a condition, not an injury; there is arthritis away from my toes, closer to the ankle; it is bone pain more than it's soft tissue pain; and there's tendon weakness near the arch causing the bones to dip when they should be aligned straight. That dip is also what causes the instep/ball pain; the foot plain ain't landing the way it should. Yay. So we try the custom orthotic; if that doesn't work, we try a brace; if that doesn't work, we talk surgery. I hate having to exhaust $400+ on the chance it might not be enough, but I ain't complaining...didn't expect there to be only 2 steps before suggesting surgery. ::gulp:: It's a busy office, but he took the time to answer my questions and cautioned me on leaning too heavily on NSAIDs like Aleve, because they're liable to increase my lithium level (which normally I wouldn't mind but since I already take the max, it's worth keeping track of).

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