Friday, March 23, 2007

New Projects

Home: just clean. Whether it means unpacking boxes or repacking boxes. Actually I need to make myself a list, in detail, so that I don't come out of the weekend depressed that I didn't finish 2 months' work in 2 days' time.

Yarn: Serious new project mode. Partly my own fault; I picked a sock pattern that was too easy. I have about 5 inches of stockinette in the round to look forward to on mr. sock's mate, and that's just a snore. The FnF scarf ain't ringing my bells lately either. The SSS is, but my mind wanders easily lately, which ain't exactly productive when you're talking 500+ stitches to a round.

Had to rip out the Broadripple, dropped a stitch somewhere, and besides I really need the right numbers of needles for that pattern, I think. Socks aren't doing it for me at present either. What is? I finished 2 hats that I won't wear for 6 months now. Thinking of starting another one, and maybe doing some washcloths just to try out different patterns. Definitely thinking small for now......literally. Weekend Knitting by Melanie Falick has a pattern for something called Egg Cozies; they're tiny sweaters for putting on egg-in-a-cup. I immediately thought of my dad. I don't think he eats them nearly as much anymore, but he was an egg-in-a-cup guy when I knew him, and he used to wear V-neck pullover sweaters. So I want to make him one for Easter :)

So I got the total (probably) amount of my stock exercise today, and the first thing I did was to let myself dream a bit about getting all our regular bills up to date. Then I thought, damn, think of the yarn I could buy with that!

I think a 12-step group may be in order.

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