Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogs rock!

How in the world did we move from Fort Myers to Jacksonville without the Internet? All we knew was that I had a job up here and my folks were up friends, no people with common interests, no church...I was still a Republican, for god's sake!

This move, I'm researching the hell out of that city and it's helping my anxiety level. I'm getting past the excitement of the move and delving into, crap, which melanie do I want to introduce people to when I get up there? I could reinvent myself, but I know it wouldn't stick; I've gotta be happy with the me that I am. Still...that's probably why I had those hair color issues a week or three ago. I get these random, irrational thoughts. Whaddaya mean I can't lose 75 pounds in 6 weeks, get 2 more tattoos, buy more nice yarn (and a nittynoddy and a spindle and some addy turbos and ...)...mostly material bullshit, I know. So one thing that's really helping is reading the blogs of some of the folks I could likely meet up there. There's a really decent-sized SnB group, and a brand new LYS. Folks my age who dig the fiber. Sweet! I'll also check out the UU and the CUUPs group when I get up there, but as I'm a solitary, I think I'll be leaning on the knitters more initially.

Luckily, Les could have a built-in social circle as well when he gets up there. His lil'er sis lives in town and works with a small theatre group. Les was big into drama in high school; his college scholarship was music. It'd be a great way to get him out of his shell.

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