Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another good day...

...And it's not even unsettling yet. I don't consider myself a cynic (sarcastic bitch maybe), but when you live with depression, good moods are spent with one eye cocked over your shoulder, waiting for the other shoe to drop. Not so at present. I'm still eating differently, if not healthy, at least with better attempts at moderation. I'm trying to steer clear of the simple carbs, and since my idea of snacking is to inhale a bowl of popcorn and then start on the chocolate, and we have neither of those in the house, I haven't been snacking at all. I've been grabbing a glass of juice or milk with dinner, and for reasons beyond explanation, it's enough and leaves me feeling good. What I need to do though, is get some chocolate syrup, so I can do hot chocolate or chocolate milk if I start jonesing late at night. Infinitely better than hoovering a bunch of chips and then grabbing a piece of long as I don't go apeshit.

Going through another purse moment....I have them quite frequently. I have 2 good purses (Vera Bradley and Aigner) and a bunch of other lesser-knowns. But for some reason, I've drifted toward my Vera Bradley Messenger bag, using it as a purse and...I'm sure I'll get over it quick; it's awfully big so when you're faced with quick stops, like to grab smokes for Husby, you're also faced with the mundane decision of "do I bring the whole thing in or just my wallet...," which usually proves to be the wrong choice, whatever it was. Went to the library yesterday to pick up an Interlibrary Loan book, not realizing that I was over the magic number on my library fines, which resulted in me trudging all the way back to the car to get........wait for it...........a nickel, so I could check out the book I wanted. I tellya, it's tough being a chick.

Random entry: the only cool thing about constantly moving my desk at work: inheriting other people's cast-offs. I got my keyboard wrist pad when Margaret was canned (felt like grave robbing at the time, but I haven't had problems with carpal tunnel yet!). And this most recent move wrought two gems: a small, Tiffany-style (read:'s a cheap piece of crap, but still...) desk lamp with dragonflies on the shade and base, and a Lucite cube with a laser-cut design of a lighthouse. The paint's peeling off the lampshade, but I don't care; it's perfect for my needs, shining down on the desk instead of outward like so many desk lamps do, no matter how you contort their reflexible necks. Which is good for me, especially since the eye migraines have been sneaking up a little more often....And I think the cube's pretty; as my blog may attest, I kind of like lighthouses...::sheepish grin::

FINALLY picked up the needles last night! Man, it was nice; it's been like, 3 weeks, I think. I ripped out the pie wedge stuff I'd started, and instead started a basic stockinette for the bottom of the Petunia bag in the most recent issue of Interweave. I want to prove to myself I can follow a chart on something other than the SSS, and since I'm knitting 2 sizes bigger than called for and the pattern comes out pretty big looking besides, I'm also thinking I'll give it my first shot at felting when it's done. We'll see...

One very neat thing about carrying the Messenger bag as a purse.....carrying around the sock in progress, so I always have it on hand :)

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