Tuesday, January 16, 2007


That title line's my nod to Grey's Anatomy grabbing Best Drama last night at the Golden Globes. Also giving a shout out to the beautiful Sister of the Traveling Pants, America Ferrara for her Ugly Betty Globe, and the extraordinary talent that is Hugh Laurie, for his Globe for House.

That title line could also be a nod to how sick I am of myself. Seriously! You may notice that about 4 blog entries vanished from my Lighthouse. That's because I looked back over the ole blog and what I read made me furious. I have no respect for people who whine like that. Meds or no meds, there's no excuse for the level of "poor me" that's been occuring here of late. I'm overwhelmed at present, and my mood swings have more than 1 source, but you know what...I'm still me, and that's a me that I've been pretty proud of, the last 10 years or so. So I'm dusting myself off.

UFO party this weekend, so what do I do? Start more UFOs :) Last night it was the pie wedge bottom of a potential bag, as well as rolling the Colorwaves that was being difficult into a ball, so that I can start the large cable capelet tonight. Gotta do some gauge figuring on that one...Lion Brand calls Color Waves a bulky yarn, which is a joke, plus the pattern calls for 17s and I'll be using 13s. Thing is, their gauge formula's a shade confusing: 7 stitches @ 11 rows = 4 inches. So I actually knit that micro-gauge swatch (call the papers!), and on 13s, it's only 2 inches. Ok, so does that mean I'll be needing twice as much yarn? And how does that tell me how many more stitches I need to add to attain the necessary gauge with the 13s? I know it'll come clear when I'm focusing on it tonight, but right now, it's fuzzy.

The problem with all the "new" yarn I acquired at the stash party is that now I want to start all kinds of new projects, when of course there's still some UFOs in the background dying for attention (like the SSS, which only grabs my attention a row at a time lately, though in my defense, we're talking 400+ stitches per row). Spent yesterday looking for patterns for this or that, only to go home, look in the stash box and realize I was forgetting X, Y, and Z as well. I know that it's not like I need to knit everything all at once, but boy, is it nice to have some respectable yarn in the stash to brainstorm with. Also purchased the graph paper yesterday, so that I can start fiddling with the idea of my own pattern on the double-knit bag that we're thinking of for our next KAL. Leaves? Moon & stars? Sheep jumping over the moon? Can't wait to get out my pencils...

Not nearly as pissy about this weather now that the holidays are behind us. Looking forward to getting outside for lunch...

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