Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Ramblings of a Tuesday

So I've decided that I'd like my work and home computers to be voice-activated, so that I can edit sites and knit at the same time. Does that make me spoiled?

Feeling better and quite grateful...candida is one of those critters that sneaks up on you. You plod along, work, come home, go about your daily rituals in a headachy, bloated fog until sometimes clicks in your head and says, "ding, fries are done!" And then it says, "stop eating those fries, you're burning sugar way too fast, and what you're not burning is increasing the yeast in your system." It's a really vicious cycle, and in my case, it usually involves jumping off that track, going to the cabinets to see what I can eat that's healthy, and saying, "dear god, there's nothing but white carbs in here." Ever really looked at how much wheat and corn are in your kitchen? And of course, when you're addicted to that food, it's not wise to cold turkey, but holy heck, it makes grocery shopping a challenge.

Luckily, it's been a little easier to change my thinking for some reason. Maybe I'm just sick of potatoes and corn, I don't know. Those were the only veggies in my house when we were growing up. My mom and dad were both raised in eat-all-the-food-on-your-plate-we're-at-war-you-know households, and they both bore memories of hiding peas in a napkin or slipping green beans into a pocket to be flushed when they were excused from the table. They vowed they wouldn't do that to their kids. It was a blessing at the time, but it's made learning to like vegetables a challenge at times. Marrying into a Southern family made the dinner table scary at first (those are butterbeans? and you cook them how? and why do you need the fat back? ::shudder::), but I've learned to enjoy broccoli, cauliflower, and green beans (not together), and while I still haven't made (collard) greens for the husband yet, I am learning. Is it possible to become more of a grownup in the way you eat? I know, I know, it's not about being a grownup; just seems that way to me. Been going through a phase with that too, like, never mind that my Lil Sis is 23 and now officially out of school and a working stiff like the rest of us (which certainly isn't possible 'cause she's just a little kid, though we've definitely become peers in adulthood and I wouldn't change that for anything, but still...)...I still go through phases where I stop and wonder how I got here. Wasn't I just running to catch the bus on Above All yesterday? How can I be the one slipping behind the wheel of my own car that I make the payments on, and going home to a husband and 2 cats in my very own place? Just nostalgia, or late-bloomerism, I guess...

Kicking me out of that delightful blazing headachy fog may have been as simple as drinking cranberry juice twice a day. I've been watching what I eat too, but the big change in my diet so far was grabbing buy-one-get-one on the Northland cranberry juices at Publix late last week. Late Saturday I noticed I wasn't headachy, and I haven't been since. I'm off soda completely until we have money and I can buy Diet Coke with Splenda, but even then it'll be as a treat because with the exception of Thursdays, I drink my caffeine in the morning and try to stick to decaf the rest of the day. I switched from my standard Eggos with peanut butter (not nearly as gross as it sounds, so don't make that face) for breakfast to oatmeal with banana; that's a focus point this week, because I'm one of those people that needs breakfast, so I'm working on tweaking it so that I'm not starving by 10:30.

I think I've only got 5 UFOs at present (we KBs are counting them to assess which projects are necessary and which aren't). Unfortunately, 3 of them are scarves, which could be classified as a bit much for an unseasonably warm it's-not-global-warming-it's-a-cycle winter, but they're all different colors and textures so I'm keeping 'em on the needles. With the SSS still in UFO status, it's hard to get jazzed for larger projects right now. I take that back; there's a double-knit bag that's a potential KAL for us that I'm quite interested in investigating further, because the pattern calls for a skull-and-crossbones print, which I am totally not into, so I'm thinking of charting out my own pattern of leaf shapes. Getting excited just thinking about it...can't wait for Friday when I can afford to buy myself some graph paper just for my knitting!

We will now pause while Lil Sis shakes her head at me :)

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