Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fiber on the brain

I've fallen in love with the Irish Diamond shawl from Folk Shawls (shown above, snuck them from and This sucker's gorgeous, ginormous, and perfect for my 5 skeins of Grape Jelly Shadow. The color's actually a lot richer than what they have pictured in that link. However, I'm going to practice an interesting level of patience on this one. I'm not going to start it until I've finished the SSS. Why, you ask? It just makes sense to finish one big lace project before starting another, and besides, you start the Irish Diamond on size 7/24s and guess what the SSS is on...
Also, I'm thinking of doing Cozy with the Nutmeg Merino Style. Wow, again, the color swatch for Nutmeg on the site doesn't do it justice; this yarn has a nice softness and is the color of coffee ice cream. YUM! But I should probably be a good little doobie and finish the feather n' fan scarf and get further on mr. sock before I start something else new.
Cable capelet idea has gone on the shelf...I can work acrylic anytime. Also pulled out the needles on the purple thin chenille scarf that I started over Christmas, because I needed the size 9s and I couldn't remember what pattern I was doing there anyway. Worked and goofed a bit of the pie-wedge bottom of that bag last night (NCIS was distracting me), but I frogged it a titch and got back on track. Can afford errors here and there, since the whole thing's getting felted anyway.

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