Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wanderings of the mind

graphic courtesy of Reasoning for graphic placement as yet undetermined. Just dig Bloo. He's my bud.

Still can't eat anything too heavy. What's up with that?

Not that I'm complaining, I'll take anything that keeps the weight creeping down and keeps me eating healthier. Had pizza last night and felt like crap the rest of the evening. Les was all set to put a Hungry Man TV dinner in my bag for lunch and I said no way! The coffee's regained its flavor, but sodas haven't. This could be the beginning of a beautiful new food relationship.

Taxis are frickin' expensive! I can't imagine taking one on a regular basis unless I lived in NYC. They're also mostly vile, driven by an element of society that I'd rather not associate with on a regular basis. Had a nice old man driving me this morning, but when we passed the cluster of Hispanics that live in my neighborhood and make a living as painting contractors--they were waiting for the van that picks them up everyday--he let slip the comment, "illegal immigrants," under his breath. Please, for all he knows, they could all have green cards; I've never thought twice about their legal status, I see that they're hard workers and notice the care they give to keeping the van clean--beyond that, who cares! Probably too complacent an argument in the face of the "we're paying their taxes" frame of mind that the right is foisting on us, like it happened yesterday. But the border issue being the hot button topic to keep our minds off our boys dying in Iraq, is only serving to cultivate a fresh form of bigotry in what's supposed to be a free society.

Give me the bus any day! Problem is, the bus is logistically impossible for me. JTA's schedules are a clusterf*ck, no two ways about it. I could take the S1 from the front of my complex to the Avenues Mall, but it arrives at exactly the same time that the van for Gran Park is leaving. Getting home is laughable; I can grab the van a little after 5 at my place, but when I get to the Avenues Mall, I'd have to wait an hour to catch the bus home. Shoot, give me a month, I'll be able to walk from there--it's only 3 miles. Hey, that's not a bad idea at all, except for the lack of sidewalks up Southside Boulevard. Between the flu and the car sitch, I've got a chance at getting healthy this summer without trying too hard.

So I had to wash my brand-new dress sneaks because I'd managed to decorate them Thursday night. Was thinking that that would make the plopping noise go away. Only worked on one sneaker. ::sigh::

We're taking the train to SC tomorrow night!!!!! I haven't been on a train since I was like, 6. I've done subways and stuff, but the only other time I remember taking the train was when Mom, Dad, Cyril, and I went to NYC for a tourist day. We went to the Twin Towers and Benihana for dinner; it was our first Japanese steakhouse and we were hooked! Cyril couldn't have been more than 3; he fell asleep in Dad's arms on the way home. Funny the things you remember...anyway, I'm totally psyched to go on the train! :)

Started a baby washcloth and the border on the B4; I'm bringing the SSS up to SC, can't wait to start working it again when the baby stuff's done.

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