Monday, May 22, 2006


What, you people don't recognize a warm fuzzy when you see one? (graphic courtesy of

If there was any solace to be had after Thursday night's display of intestinal pyrotechnics, it was the fact that the KB crowd that night was entirely made up of folks whom I consider to be true friends. With the exception of Terra's mom, who I met on the spot that night pre-side show, everyone there was from our core crowd, folks I've hung with outside of KB, whether at the park, at Pagan Pride, or on a cool night at a bonfire under the stars at Green Lynn's house. I was embarassed to the very tips of my hair, but I couldn't stay upset because I knew everyone there already accepts me, warts and all. Or in my case, spare tire and all, heh heh...anyway, very reassuring feeling.

The thing is, I don't get sick. And I have the digestive system of a goat; my family jokes that I could probably process a tin can. Sure, I get the occasional cold, and once every couple of years, I'll run a fever with it, but I literally haven't been sick to my stomach for reasons that couldn't be attributed to overenjoyment of alcohol, since the 7th grade. I'm 36. So it's been a while. Plain didn't recognize the symptoms as being that bad. (yeah, until the hallway at Panera, ::snickers, hides head::)

Enough of that! Rebounding, still weak, back at work, no appetite to speak of. Also no car. In true Murphy fashion, I caught the flu on my husband's birthday, and we had the car repossessed that same day. Needless to say, he's been a little depressed too. We still don't know what we want to do about that. His folks will front us a grand or two, but they're of the opinion that it would be more prudent to throw that cash into another used car, free and clear, rather than continue paying on ours. The problem we see in that is having a repossession then on our credit and $3K+ to still pay on a car we no longer own, never mind that any $2K car would probably be a piece of excrement. I ache for a little capital. Thank the Goddess we're past 7 years on my bankruptcy and everything else, furniture and stuff, we own free and clear.

Making plans to take the train to SC this weekend probably, if we don't have our wheels back, which means leaving on KB night. I'll try to take pictures of all the baby stuff I made before I give it to Kara. Finished the last mitten in a burst of energy between sweats this weekend; will start finishing the baby blanket tonight. Still having delusions of grandeur involving knocking off a couple of little washcloths or something too; shower's not til Sunday.

I need a haircut.

Can I go home yet?

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Elizabeth said...

kind heart. Sharp wit. What is there not to love? We will miss you this weekend. I hope everything works out well for you.