Friday, April 21, 2006

I will not go quietly...

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Removing "bad" carbs from your diet is an interesting trick. Screw that line; it completely blows. You hem and haw, and rationalize. And I've gotten pretty damn used to the "bad" carbs: I love me some bread with my pasta, some potatoes with my fries, some corn with my corn chips. I bypassed somebody's birthday cake at work the other day, then went home and hoovered a bowl of popcorn. The carb crave becomes physical. Like it was so hard to tell why I was fatigued to my very bones the next day, so bad that I actually played hookey from work. Another example is eating a bowl of Cheerios because I convinced myself that that's better for me than picking at a bowl of red beans and rice, because I'm so unused to the blandness of that type of dish that it'd take a gigantic effort to get excited about it, and then I'd probably have eaten the Cheerios anyway. Yeah, I know, discover spices. Not the same.

The thing I have to reconcile myself with, is that I have to get used to bland for a while. Not forever, but the fact is that yeast feeds on sugar, period. From junk food to simple carbs to OJ and even Splenda™, I have to limit my intake if I ever want to get my system back in check. I'm going to be bored to death with the blandness, but the upshot is I'll start feeling better. That's worth the effort; just gotta keep reminding myself. And reminding myself. And reminding myself. Bought root beer earlier without even thinking, it was this automatic response.

I found several books at the library that hopefully are on the shelves and can assist in this transformation; used to own a Candida guidebook, but it seems to have gotten sucked into the fourth dimension apartment vacuum.

Today's the first day in two weeks that my limbs aren't throbbing; instead my back is in spasm. I'll take it. I was too drained to even knit yesterday...woke up to call in, slept til noon, napped from 3 to 7:30, in bed by 11. Yuck! I'm surprised I'm even feeling better, since dessert last night was 2 ice cream sandwiches. Ok, I'm through whining about this. Yeah, right.

I lied, I did do a couple of rows of the baby dress that's probably too complex for me to be attempting for the shower. So screw it, I'll save it for when the kid's born in July and let up on myself.

Gotta go refill my water. yay.

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