Tuesday, October 15, 2013

This and that

To be feeling so much better, is a gift.

The leaves are finally turning this week, and it's definitely fall. It could drop into the high 30s at night as early as this weekend, but looks like I still have a week or three before the first frost. We're pulling the last of our meager harvest this week, and I'll cover and move things around.

We spend our days and nights with the windows open now. Electric bill should be awesome again. It's chilly today, and I look forward to walking later.

I will own a flannel shirt this year, and wear that sucker so much that I need to patch the elbows by spring.

Repairing a flat-screen TV, it turns out, costs just as much as buying a new set. This is a disappointing realization, not just because we're sinking money into repairs that may not be worth their cost, but also because it so punctuates just how much of a throwaway society we've become.

That said, it's also helped me see that I don't need to be in front of the box as much as I usually am. I do work better with distractions, but so much of what I normally have on in the background is crap I've already seen. I'm hoping this drought of TV watching that I've been subjected to this week, will help me steer away from having it on for the sake of having it on. I really should only watch first-run stuff. Been dipping back into knitting and reading this week, and I know my head's in a better place because of it.

Sucks that such a drastic health issue needed to occur for my habits to change, but I am relieved that some changes occurred rather easily and quickly. I have one cup of coffee now in the mornings, then switch to water, and then have a cup or two of tea in the evenings. My head hasn't balked at the change in caffeine intake, and my moods are stabilizing after the first week. Well, I think they have, anyway...Les might have a different take on the subject. ;)

Feeling so. damn. good.

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