Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Riding the wave

Midweek. A little behind on sites. A little hormonal. A little energized and motivated.

Doc appointment went well. Lost 4 lbs. LDL and blood sugar numbers were where I expected them to be. Total cholesterol below 200 and triglycerides within range! Prediabetic though. Implement what we discussed, see ya in 3 months.

I'm ready.

So I'm couching last night, thinking of questions for the doc and looking over the sheet of instructions he had given me at the last visit....and I realize his instructions are much more realistic than Dr. Hyman's advanced elimination plan. Even with the proper mental preparation, I'm still dealing with physical cravings that are going to crop up as I shed adipose fat around my organs. Removing sugar and wheat completely may "reboot" my system, but the chances of my sticking to that program for 6 days, never mind 6 weeks, aren't great. This isn't self-defeating language; it's realism. The good news is there are happy mediums that will allow me to decrease the "white" stuff (fast-burning carbs) without making me want to reach for a loaf of bread and eat the damn thing in one sitting. I'm learning about portion control, choosing foods carefully for what they will do for my body. Added some supplements, still decreasing caffeine this weekend, ramping up the exercise.

Went to Greenlife after the appointment. Spent a bit more than I wanted to, but stocked up on some grass-fed local meats and veggies. So much easier to deal with meals when you're pulling from the fridge rather than the cabinet. Working hard to get off the processed stuff. Hitting the cookbooks this week.

I don't have the time to work out today. I'm going to find the time anyway.

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