Friday, May 17, 2013


Tried working outside yesterday. As in, brought the laptop outdoors, set up a couple of TV tables, plugged it into the exterior outlet (because my battery lasts maybe 3 hours on its own), and attempted to edit sites. Interesting experiment. Learned a couple of things...

• SO fucking ready for our own place, a rental (or purchased) house as opposed to an apartment. Our current apartment is so much better than our past places, but...

     a. Our neighbors, who barely hang out on their balcony normally, had friends over who weren't getting along and had a small child...

     b. The house across from us was breaking down a large tree or something, so there were plenty of large machinery noises...

     c. The yellow jackets are out. They like my plants. I can't find a nest anywhere. Are they pollinators? Cuz if not, they need to get the fuck out.

I'm not actually complaining about the to me in another week when I'm crunching on cicada shells during my walks. I know any buggies are good for the environment, help plants more than they harm, etc. (I say that with a heavy sigh, since I've lost at least 2 bought seedlings to bugs, the little bastards...the downside to buying local at a big venue, can't exactly track down the guy who sold 'em to me and demand my $6 back...) Plus I'm fairly Buddhist these days, so there's the whole live-and-let-live mentality. But try to edit sites with a yellow jacket buzzing around your head, while you stay as still as possible because you remember how those stings hurt like a MFer...

I know there'd be plenty of bugs in my own backyard, but my own backyard would also have the room for a patio table without worrying that the property management company's going to get on my case for having too much shit outside my apartment. I'd be able to situate it away from the plants that attract the big buzzers.

I'm already admitting to myself that we'll likely renew the lease in December. This year is already reaching midpoint, and I've yet to chip away at our new debts. But it's definitely time to adjust our budget, look for other ways to bring in dough, and start repairing the ole credit again. I got pre-approved for a secured credit card at my bank recently with a tiny limit and abhorrent APR. Gonna snatch that sucker up as soon as I have $99 to spare. Baby steps.

This and that on the interweb this week:

• Another GF waffle recipe I'll be giving a try in the near future.

• Learning to embrace greens.

• Another free open courseware resource.

A very refreshing take on the Merida (Disney) argument.

Weather's turned balmy last couple of days, with summer heat tempered by the wind and lower humidity. We're leaving windows closed during the day, to keep the house cooler. I itch to get outside again, but the laptop calls first.

I'm shifting my dietary goals, focusing on moderation and healthy eating, rather than hard-core elimination. Surprisingly, seems to be working so far. I know, lousy day at a time.

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