Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Yea, what I meant was.....

Let's file that last post under "Who the f*** do you think you're kidding?"

Dark Meadow Farm did move to Wordpress, and it will have a much more specific purpose, revolving around the topics of sustainable living, organics, gardening, clean and kind food, the city of Asheville, and a touch of Buddhism. I placed the link up at top right for your reading pleasure.

But I can't just drop this sucker...no one writes in journals anymore, and I need somewhere to bleed onto a keyboard occasionally. I'll be rearranging this one a bit, to assuage my boredom.

So expect to still catch the occasional whine here. The occasional completely random post or rant about FWPs like Spotify playlists that put you to sleep, which you have no business whining about because you built them yourself...or my continued vehement hatred for the TV show Fairly Oddparents.....

I'll still chat about my successes and failures here, and let y'all know about what's going on in Asheville. I'm thinking of volunteering at some festivals this year. I'm creating a book proposal, so this should be a character building year of rejection! There's a family reunion up here in June (my mom's clan) that should be interesting. I come from a rather huge family and introducing Les to some of them for the first time will be a hoot!

Hope you stick around!

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Meara Lyons said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!! Hugs! :)