Thursday, February 07, 2013

How the hell is it Thursday?

More Reems Creek shots...also, Dark Meadow has new posts.

I actually thought it was Wednesday as I typed that subject line, but then I remembered I watched The Americans last night and was like, "oh shit, where's the week going?"

First 3 days of this week, there were barely any sites in the queue. They finally let the editors slack off yesterday and it built up enough where today's been steady, but damn...I need more work soon.

There's not much going on here other than work, the occasional errands, and no potential employers calling me back. That nibble I got late last week could be a steady gig, but it won't happen for a couple of weeks (it's a start-up disguised as a 4-year-old business). I've almost given up on Soomo, because the lady does not answer emails at. all. Bet if I send her an invoice for the work I did for her in November, I'll get an answer ;)

And I applied for my dream job: PT retail worker at a farm store. Throwing some serious prayers toward that one, because even though it's almost too far out of town to justify the commute against what they'll be paying me, the experience I'd get ... makes me want to jump up and down like a kid!

I'm getting a little obsessed. Starting to check out seed catalogs and plan the garden. I know I'm a pinch late on this, but I blame the move. Wrote my landlord to see what's allowed with regards to planting out front. Could've blown off that step probably, given they never come around, but would rather know it's allowed, than assume and be told to remove a couple hundred pounds of topsoil later. Subscribed to Grit (I already get Mother Earth News). Finally allowing myself free time in the evenings and it's being spent reading and knitting. So damn sweet to have yarn back in my life :)

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