Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Taking Stock

New Taking Stock format brought to you by boredom...

M is for my meandering mind, which isn't at work today, even if my body is.

E is for excited, because I think I've decided to start job hunting in NC and if we have to move early, so frickin' be it!

L is for lethargic and lazy, because I've been letting bad foods sneak back into my diet. No more! Because L is also for the love I'm feeling for my 8-pounds-lighter body...such a good start!

A is for active, because at the very least, I'm still working out every other day, thank goodness. Feels so amazing!

N is for my negative attitude and my hopes that this week will rally a bit. The extra Paxil is helping, thank the gods!

I is for the interesting ways my brain is perking up about my writing and how it relates to my dreams.

E is for the eagerness that I will put toward my tasks in the coming weeks.

Image from here. I'd like this in my future yard please.

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