Thursday, July 12, 2012

Taking Stock

I ache for the weekend. This week has been hard. Not sure if it's hormones, my body finally developing a tolerance for Paxil (been wondering that for a while now, will revisit the issue next month with my GP), or just the blues, but this week at work....I've had such anger. The little black cloud took up residence over my head this week, and I'm tired of having it around.

The work itself is actually groovy. I'm on a new project that isn't measured like regular editing, so my paycheck isn't regulated by my speed right now. That's a blessed relief, and I'm enjoying it while it lasts. But around me, the old-timers like me are heavy with discontent, because the company is growing too fast and the ways that they are finding for dealing with that growth bring much unfairness to our positions and the way we're paid. Never mind the fact that they've started outsourcing to the Phillipines...

Outside: summer holding pattern

Inside: tense around the edges

Wearing: the style is casual slob today...capris with deck shoes, green top...

Creating: still need to crank out that damn realtor letter...

Reading: Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs (I started the series over, for a distraction), The Dead and the Gone by Susan Beth Pfeffer (Book 2 of her depressing dystopia series)

Going: Y and RAM

The company's stock rallies.

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