Monday, July 02, 2012

Can't think of a subject line...

It's one of those "in way too good a mood to be at work" days.

Saturday was actually kind of meh. I woke up slowly and was ornery, which I realized I could blame on the pizza we'd indulged in the night before...just a brick-oven Freschetta with cheese, but definitely too many fat and carb calories for this gal. It was quite interesting to listen to my body that morning, see how it was affecting it a cheese hangover. Reminded me why I've been getting off dairy. But I learn lessons slowly, so I coupled that indiscretion with pasta later that day and popcorn with butter for lunch.

So this week is going to be about what's in the calories, learning more discretion in that area. Because Sunday, I had popcorn without butter and spent the entire snack kicking myself, because white corn is perfectly tasty without 300 calories of solid fat poured on top of it.

I haven't gotten the OK yet to shift my schedule earlier, but I'm not letting that stop me. There's quiche leftovers in the fridge for Hubs, so I'm walking tonight. Yesterday was better, both eating and exercise-wise. I kept my portions under control, and worked off calories doing laundry and cleaning off our back porch (probably mostly water weight, as we've definitely hit July here, but still...). Today my legs are just a little feels terrific.

I'm holding myself accountable (see widget to the right), but don't expect that number to move for at least a month now. I just couldn't resist seeing how the first week of the rest of my life had gone. And that's a perfectly respectable number, especially when you consider I haven't held onto any kind of food/exercise regimen since oh, 8th grade? I'm not looking for Biggest Loser numbers; I'm looking to change my life. I made intelligent choices about my food intake for an entire week. I'm rather immeasurably proud of myself.

I'm educating Hubs on Asheville, and his initial reactions are favorable. Gotta plan our trips now, working them around family visits, figuring out what entities to visit while we're up there...this week, I'm writing emails to property management companies so they can give me a clue about what they'll need from me, given my less-than-optimal credit. I'll also be compiling lists of potential employers in the area, and shopping for a laptop and Photoshop, I think. I really can't imagine doing remote work on our home system; it's just too slow. So much to research.....

Image from here. Also, with apologies to Ashley, I've found that I've been thinking of Les as "Hubs" in my head lately, so it's rubbing off here. Wasn't trying to snitch a moniker, just happened...

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