Thursday, June 28, 2012

Listening to signs...

I got turned down for the supervisor position today. I didn't want the spot in the first place; it's a goddamn relief to have that nonsense past now, but it brings up conflicting feelings anyway that make me grumpy. About how I'm not management material. About how my interpersonal skills could use some work. About how I don't take enough initiative.

The irony is that this criticism ends up being less than constructive (well, to "them" if they really knew me), because it highlights areas of my personality that I have become OK with. I'm never going to run a Fortune 500, or even a general store probably. I don't wish to shift my personality during the day to kowtow to some company's idea of a corporate culture. That's not what blows my skirt up. This opinion will shut some doors for me, I know...I'm pretty sure I'm OK with that. I'll find windows somehow.

Then I get a text from Husby letting me know that the Asheville relocation package came today. YES!

I am so sick of saying "IF we move when the lease runs out..." This weekend is going to be all about prepping for the move, credit be damned! Time to make things happen for me, the real me.

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