Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Drought where now?

Gratuitous local moron shot. The driver did not want to discuss the mishap with First Coast News. Shocker.

It's a challenge staying dry in Florida this week, but we're managing. For a bit there, it looked like the St. John's River was going to be ornery, but it turned out that Black Creek was the main bitch for N FL where Debby was concerned. They closed I-10 between I-75 and US 90 because of standing water, and that's newsworthy...usually it's only the back roads near the creeks that get hit. And boy, did they...the local news is eating it up with fresh-from-college journalists in raincoats standing knee-deep in front of half-flooded homes, trying to get interviews with idiots who haven't evacuated. Can't believe I ever wanted to get into journalism.

I brought out an old-school planner (like those Day Runners people used in the '90s before everything went on iPhones), and have been making lists and crossing things off again for the first time in years. In addition to the silly sense of accomplishment it produces, my head feels more organized and it's translating to other areas of my life. I went through that kitchen on Saturday like a cleaning machine, and it's still looking pristine. I finished Dr. Ornish's Spectrum and using ideas from that and Bob Greene's Best Life, have overhauled my food intake. It dawned on me (we're talking ridiculously bright lightbulb over my head here, folks) that I could use one of those online food journal programs on my Kindle, so I re-signed up on My Fitness Pal, and have ACTUALLY been tracking my food and exercise. It's proving to be quite a useful tool.

I ordered the Asheville relocation package.

My arthritis in my knees has still been bitchy. I think it's related to barometric pressure (thank you, Debby), plus the strain of working out on Sunday @ the Y. I only did 3 miles on recumbent bike (good clip) and 1.5 miles on the elliptical, but it's been months again, so my arse was officially kicked. I'm planning to shift my work schedule earlier once I get turned down for that sup position (that's not pessimism, it's realism...i don't have the interpersonal skills they're looking for), so I can work out again in the evenings. I complained about how busy it is after work there, but the plain fact is I worked out MUCH more when I was doing it after work.

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