Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Taking Stock

So apparently I have paths on the brain this week. Apropos I suppose, since I'm always looking ahead. Yes, yes, I know I should try living in the present just once.....ain't gonna happen this week though.
Thank the gods it's Wednesday.

My mood ebbs and flows, much like the weather here. One thing I dig about Florida is the mercurial weather. I left for work wearing my sunglasses, and the rain had started by the time I got to work. I only live 7 miles from the office. Pretty sure nothing will surprise me about the weather now, wherever I move. Whenever the thunder hits in the midafternoon in summer here and everyone jumps, I'm like, yea, whatever...

The blogs are starting to sprout these lush pictures of people's gardens. It makes me ache, almost as much as when my coworkers talk babies. Time to make some things happen around here.

Outside: finicky...sunshine and high 80s with rain expected again later. Beryl brought the summer humidity with her...I need to cull the wardrobe again; I'm wearing dark colors that will cause me to burst into flame when I step outside later.

Inside: meh.

Wearing: the aforementioned dark colors (navy blues), jeans, comfy oxfords

Creating: lists about S'burg/Greenville, an early midlife crisis, new high score in Mah Jong...

Reading: Encyclopedia of Country Living, The Spectrum, the latest Mother Earth News.....

Going: 2 weeks.....

Hoping...Too many things to list's a big week for wanting more. Damn growing season. Gonna throw myself into organizing for the move.

Image from here.

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