Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Taking Stock

Those two spoke to me as I trolled the Tumblr this morning.....because I've been working hard, seeing fruit, and also making time to rest. Life is good.

Apparently my Lil Sis also exists in tiny form, on one of my shoulders, as a nagging little...not conscience, maybe motivational speaker. Because she made a crack yesterday about how if I really wanted to plant stuff, I'd figure out a way.....and while most of me was like, yea, this from a person who has no plants or animals.....and I don't want to end up neglecting it, wasting money by the cat or ducks getting into it, planting only to have the damn western exposure incinerate everything in the evenings once summer really kicks in here.....excuses, excuses...I also have a new paycheck coming this week, and find myself thinking once again, about buying a garden rack with a cover for the porch. Fuck those ducks, I want fresh veggies and herbs! hmmmm...

Side note: our apartment complex is fairly inundated with feral Muscovys and Mallards...was heading up the driveway this morning and there was a female Mallard quacking up a storm by herself in one of the parking spaces....wanted to get out of the car and ask her if she was lost, needed help finding her friends. So I don't hate them completely...just the ones who don't understand porch boundaries. We let two nest up there coupla years back, and I swear, they told ALL their friends.

Outside: still pleasant, which is fairly remarkable for May. It's cranking up to high 80s/low 90s, but the rains are starting, which is keeping the worst of the hot at bay. Nice.

Inside: Stress cloud has dissipated a bit...and boss is on vacation. Coincidence?

Wearing: my shirt matches my new deck sneaks....that field moss color, kind of a sea green. I'm quite pleased with this development.

Creating: a new lifestyle.

Reading: Bob Greene's The Best Life Guide for Managing Diabetes & Pre-Diabetes and The Spectrum by Dr. Dean Ornish.

Going: Working OT Saturday, chilling Sunday and Monday...

Went to the cardiologist this week and my primary, as I mentioned. Apparently I'm ready (we'll skip over the AGAIN) to change. Having your cardiologist tell you that you need to drop 100 pounds is apparently a deciding factor in my desire to get healthy. Also, I got copies of my latest bloodwork, and it's rather interesting to see, in black and white, just how "on the cusp" I am in the key areas (cholesterol, blood sugar, HDL/LDL/Triglycerides, etc.). I looked at those numbers and asked myself, "do I really want those numbers to get any worse? do I really want to feel any worse than this?"

I'm already suffering from decreased muscle mass, low stamina/endurance, arthritis, and several other delightful symptoms of that 100 pounds...and I do NOT want to stay this way or get any larger. I'm recognizing that I'm as close to pre-diabetic as you can get without actually calling it's evident in the hypoglycemia I'm enjoying as I find my way in this more structured, healthier lifestyle. So I'm doing it right, checking portions, counting calories, and eliminating ALL crap. So much of my eating is emotional, so I'm listening carefully to myself too. So far, so good.

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