Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Taking Stock

April's not bringing showers, just smoke. It was so thick this morning, I wondered how close it is to the city limits, because there's no wind today. Little flecks of ash on my car. North Florida has turned into California, just in the last 5 years. I assume it's the Okeefenokee, because the local news is barely reporting the fires themselves, just the smoke. Weiners.

Outside: warmish, smells like wood.

Inside: snore.

Wearing: Danskos.....seriously awesome shoes.

Creating: a tuna casserole from Eating Well last night. I'm finding that the Eating Well recipes need more spice; they're awfully bland. Still, was very glad I threw that together last night, as I've slipped off the good food wagon a bit in the last week (thank you, Easter candy!), and it shows widescreen in my mood.....I was ready to kill someone yesterday afternoon. Serious irrational anger. Like, take PMS and multiply it times 1,000. Courtesy of Zaxby's. Significant lesson there.

Reading: Hunger Games...yes, I joined the herd. Damn good, so far. Love me a kick-ass heroine.

Going: yea, right...gas $3.90/gal. I haven't even made it to the farmers market downtown yet.

Gas prices plateau or drop, my attitude improves, I can get some cleaning and planning done this weekend. The usual. Asked for time off in June, hoping to plan a trip to SC for scouting. Fingers crossed.

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