Thursday, April 05, 2012

Still wouldn't mind taking that Carpentry class...

So last night I was attending a high school open house of sorts and attempting to register for classes, in spite of the fact that I'm 42 years old and have no business going back to high school. I was trying to do it on the sly and not have them figure out that I'm already a graduate, while simultaneously trying to figure out how I was going to finagle carrying a full load of classes while still maintaining my full-time job of website editing. Was going to have to shift my schedule around some at work. So I'm going over that in my head, while signing up for junior classes (English, Algebra II, US History, Chem) when I realize that I left my grey sweater in the gymnasium on the bleachers somewhere. So I go back to look for it, but someone's already taken it to lost and found, and when I stand in line there to retrieve said sweater, I'm told they're closed already and that I need to come back tomorrow. Since the weather is inclement, I decide to hang around until people have dissipated enough and then sneak back in and grab it from the rather massive warehouse area where lost and found items are being kept. This area, it turns out, is being managed/overseen by Shohreh Aghdashloo, whose acting and voice I love...but something was a little off about her here, which no one was eager to share with me. They turned me out again, but I snuck back in to grab my sweater, and that's when I saw that she had been turned into a malevolent red-eyed, dragon-like creature...looked like a dragon that had survived a holocaust, burnt to a crisp, but still alive. I hid as it soared out of the building and then landed not far away, and appeared to be sniffing/sensing my presence. It terrified me, but that was also when I discovered that I had the sword in my hand that was meant to kill it, a heavy, fancy hilted thing with a stone in the pommel. I stood, repositioned the sword in my hand, and walked slowly toward the creature...

The scene shifted and suddenly I was back in the school, explaining to the old, imposing woman in registration that I needed my new schedule, so that I could coordinate my work schedule with it, and she tells me that I still have to choose one elective. Most of the electives are weak or things I have no interest in (jewelry making, basket weaving, pottery), but when she mentions carpentry, I'm on it like white on rice. To be able to make my own bookcases! We need those so damn much! So I head right to the classroom/workshop where the carpentry classes are going to be held, so I can meet the teachers, learn more about what we'll be learning, and I meet Beau and Jeff Bridges (yes, the actors) both working on something in the workshop. They're not the teachers, he's a no-face behind a drafting table covered with supplies that fascinate me, and as he starts to go into all that we'll be learning, I wake up.

Glad this weekend's Easter. I think I need to lay off the jellybeans.

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