Friday, March 23, 2012

Full of Promise Friday

Random stuff...

Have definitely reconciled myself with not seeding just yet...will probably try herbs later, out of stubbornness, but need to do a major purge/cleaning of the apartment and porch to make it feasible. Have been poring through the Encyclopedia of Country Living, and this morning I started The New Organic Grower (not so new, 1st edition - 1989, but still way informative - I grabbed it at that goldmine we call Chamblin here in Jax). I'm in, soaking up the information like a sponge, and if my attentions continue in this manner, I'll return Outlander to the library and pick up that series another time.

Spring has me wanting to learnlearnlearn, and get my arse outdoors. Even if I can't plant, I need sun on my skin (with a healthy layer of SPFdon'tgivemyIrisharsecancer). Will be reading and knitting out on my porch this weekend, when I'm not cooking. Planning to try a muffin recipe or two, and a meal recipe or two for the week. So tired of life living me, supposed to be the other way around...

No OT this weekend...hate not having the money opp, but love the free time it allows me. I'll get up at a decent hour tomorrow morning and expend a little gas to hit RAM and Native Sun for a little produce stocking-up. Then I'll hop home, change, and hit the Y before the urge to nap hits. Gonna be a good weekend!

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