Tuesday, January 17, 2012


The passage of time gets on my nerves.

Well, actually, it's spending said time on unfulfilling work that gets on my nerves.

Took a mental health day yesterday and then did very little. Plowed thru dishes (twice), made dinner, did laundry...but when I was idle, I was gaming on the Kindle (straining my already tired eyes), rather than reading library books or knitting. Even my idle time doesn't measure up to my high standards lately.

I'm restless as hell.

This is gonna be a "random notes" sort of post...

Can't believe how the NFL playoffs are shaping up. Really thought this would be a Packers/Saints Super Bowl.

Sad that Jon Huntsman pulled out of the GOP race. He was the only candidate on that side of the aisle with active grey matter, IMO.

Dad J. is going ahead with 2nd opinion treatment, as far as we know. All prayers continued welcome.

My cute, warm, fuzzy Mommie turned 70 yesterday. Pretty sure we're all in denial about it. Lil Sis treated her to some spa time. Wish I were there to pamper her too.

Yesterday's mental health day had almost nothing to do with the NCIS MLK Day marathon on USA...

Pretty sure I dreamt last night that I was in med school, and House was my mentor. I really gotta wean off the TV...

And crack the library books I brought home Saturday...

And put down the Kindle in favor of the yarn more...

Thanks for checking in!

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