Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Taking Stock

Snow's pretty weak so far this year, from what I've read, except for that early freak storm in the southwestern US. I don't bang the global warming gong that often, but it's hard not to when the polar bears are running out of room on the ice, and places like Canada and Maine have barely seen the white stuff yet this winter. Keep denying though, gives us liberals good sound bite fuel.

::jumps down from soapbox::

Outside: trying to be Florida's version of winter...failing for the most part, but temps are dipping again later this week. I'll take it.

Inside: noisier lately...boss is out of office, so coworkers get chatty. Earplugs help...forgot my iPod.

Wearing: purple mock turtle, jeans, Docs. I'm in love with mock turtles...need about 11 more (and then to move somewhere where they'll actually get worn more than 2 months outta the year).

Creating: second sock! True to my word, for once, started the 2nd as soon as I finished the first. Working ribbing, and plan to dip into Cozy again soon. Finding that the knitting is settling my brain this week, which is nice.

Reading: more blogging than books this week...Ashley's book still getting mileage, and bringing out Made from Scratch again...

Going: knitting with the gals tonight...otherwise, hopefully sticking to home.

Mom and Dad J. head to Charlotte tomorrow for a 2nd opinion on his cancer. I pray that this doc visit brings better options than his original practitioners, who aren't giving him a whole lotta decent choices, as I'd mentioned previously. Wish Les could go with them...hell, wish I could go with them...cuz the questions that come up after one of these visits, that go's frustrating.

Brought up the point to Les last night, that we don't want to bring a baby home to our current apartment. He agreed, but considering how long it'll take for us to save for either a move or a procedure...there's just so much to consider. Les knows he needs to be looking for work, but his folks' situation is tenuous right now, where he needs to be ready at a moment's notice, in case he needs to jump on a train and go help them out. We're encouraging them to get one of the other family members back driving again, to spell off Mom (that's a huge wooley situation that I won't go into here, but suffice it to say, it would certainly help initially if another family member was able to drive). So we're in a holding pattern of sorts for now, where Les looking for work is concerned. Classic that he's finally almost ready to start looking and we need to hold off if I can just get him to a dentist...

I think my eye prescription is changing. It's a month early, dang it, so trying to look away from screen more to readjust eyes...tried out reading glasses with plain contacts this morning, but it's not working. Should be able to tough it out...just means only wearing contacts to work for now.

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