Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Taking Stock

And another Wednesday is upon us. Wish I were curled up at home with the above items, but work beckons.....

Trying not to think about the subject matter of last post...what will happen will happen.

Outside: warming, 50s today...transplants whining, me grinning...

Inside: bored, wanna be elsewhere.

Wearing: ancient slate blue sweater, black pants, everyday oxfords.

Reading: Canning & Preserving with Ashley English and the latest issue of Mother Earth News. Seriously awesome.

Creating: finishing a plain vanilla Harlot sock in yummy discontinued browns in Felici...making myself start the 2nd sock as soon as the first one's done. Also drawing up plans for a handsewn Kindle case and brainstorming other nifty things, like doing handmade gift tags in January for next Christmas...I'm so tired of not doing stuff I want to do around the holidays. Only way I'll pull it off evidently is with serious prior planning. Time to let my Virgo out!

Going: hopefully nowhere for a week or two, but will depend on family sitch.

See last post. Otherwise, I'm just getting back to normal here, work, occasional exercise, eating habits under scrutiny. Started fresh on New Year's Day and haven't been grazing during day or TV time. Feels good.

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