Friday, January 27, 2012


Limited Internet access and a seriously busy week ahead. I leave this afternoon for SC.

My brain's working in starts and stops. Trying to make list of all the crap I need to accomplish before heading out of town. Dropping off key to Lil Bro right after work, so he and Alice can keep an eye on the cat while we're gone. Doing flea stuff before I leave so the critter won't tear herself up in our absence. She's been damn needy lately and meowing for Les; this trip isn't going to help. Wish we could bring her, but she'd scratch or bite our niece and beat up their Yorkie. Love her, but she's a squirrel. Almost wish C could bring her back to his place, but he has 2 other (larger) cats, and there would be bloodshed eventually. Better to leave her in her familiar surroundings.

Have a feeling time is going to fly from now til Sunday, and then slow to a crawl. That won't be good for maintaining friendly familial relationships...there's already a high level of animosity in certain sectors. Prayers and peaceful thoughts...

Head cold's almost over, but I'm sick of it anyway; cough sticking around and I don't have a great deal of patience. Hopefully throwing myself into housework once I get there will help. And seeing Les.

Om Namah Shivaya. It's a Sanskrit phrase that I'm pretty sure is horribly mistranslated by us Westerners and only supposed to refer to honoring Shiva, but one of the translations sticks in my head: I honor the divinity that resides within me. I'll hold that feeling close to my heart as I'm barraged with Christianity's way of dealing with death this weekend. I'm in a better place lately with my own beliefs, as varied as they are. And when family relationships threaten to fracture this week, I'll go inward, breathe, and find my own peace with Dad's passing. That's what's important, and the thing I have the most control over.

Thanks so much for all your prayers over the past few weeks.

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