Thursday, January 19, 2012



I awoke this morning to a clear head. Once I got moving, I was a little fuzzy around the edges, but that's because my eyes are still being ornery, so I tried wearing my glasses for the first part of the day. That lasted less than 4 hours. I swear my eyes like contacts better sometimes...they protect my eyes. With glasses on, my left eye wouldn't stop weeping. Weird.

Thursdays before pay day are always hopeful. There's the anticipation of filling the fridge with some fresh veggies and getting the rest of the bills out of the way. There's the bliss of 2 days off to think and make lists. Doesn't always happen, but it's nice to anticipate better organization than I'm currently living under. Kitchen still needs attention too.

There's the relief of having my body chemistry back to my version of normal.

Too bad the Blogger doesn't support animated GIFs...that pic is actually snowing, and it's purty.

Have a great day, y'all!

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