Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Starting the Thankful Stuff

Jenna recommends writing down goals and putting them in your pocket, to serve as a reminder and motivational tool. I think this picture needs to accompany my list...it's a little grander than what I hope for, but def nails my desires. Image from here.

Mom's ever-so-slowly rallying...the doc visit confirmed our concerns, that it was likely that a decrease in spinal fluid was causing her symptoms. They set her up with anti-nausea meds, an OK to use the Percocet for the headaches, and direction to load her up on caffeine (the stuff may be addictive and sleep-depriving, but it also creates spinal fluid! My back must be seriously strong then! ::wink::). She's not feeling the Black Friday shopping idea right now, so that's on the back burner, but her headaches and lightheadedness are s...l...o...w...l...y...dissipating, and we're getting more solid food into her. Relief.

Work's busy lately, not a huge pick-up of business, but I'm on a new project as a result of the merger that is a nice distraction.

Spent too much time on the computer last night, and haven't been to the Y yet this week, but I'm recharging and def feeling like me again. Thinking about timing for Thanksgiving day...I want to do a cauliflower gratin side dish, apple butter pumpkin pie, and rolls from scratch from Chiot's Run's recipe...which means cleaning tonight, prob working dough tomorrow night, pie first on Thursday, then gratin. I'd like to actually watch the parade this year, instead of always being back-and-forth, especially with K's boys marching...it's going to be a nice, relaxed day and I'm looking forward to it. Weather isn't going to cooperate, high of 80F expected, but I'll make the best of it. By the gods as my witness, I WILL have Thanksgiving in Charlotte next year!

With the MIL socks done, I need to make a list of what-all is going into holiday gifts this year. I'd still like to do some handmades.

And the apartment is getting a thorough cleaning this weekend.....anyone who lives in Florida knows that it doesn't matter how clean you keep your place; if the roaches want in, they'll find a way.....however, keeping your place clean can't hurt either. Had to have my big, strong man take care of one today that could've given the cat a run for her money...seriously the biggest damn roach we've seen in ages...had to have gotten in from outside, because if we're growing 'em that big in our walls, I ain't gonna make it to next October! It's one of the few creatures on this planet that I can't handle...just writing about 'em gives me the willies, and when I see them, I know I need to be elsewhere as quickly as possible. So in between helping out with Mom, we'll be tearing apart our house and really getting started on organizing/cleaning/purging. The place is practically a fire hazard anyway.

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