Monday, November 22, 2010


It's almost a relief to be back at work. Very weird feeling. Love my cutewarmfuzzymommie to pieces, have no problem taking care of her, would drop everything in a heartbeat...but getting back to work lends a stability to my day that I've come to rely on. Interesting.

Yesterday, Sunday, was much better. The doc's office called Mom/Lil Sis first thing this morning to set up a follow-up for today, thank the gods, and they are headed that way this afternoon. So frickin' grateful that at least the doc's office is diligent, because this weekend was hard, a little scary, and we need to be sure we're doing everything necessary to assist in her recovery. The only reason I didn't drive her ass back to the hospital Saturday night is because she remained coherent/not altered, and we didn't want to deal with the hassle of a weekend crew treating her without knowing her sitch.

One of the hard things is understanding the things I understand about the body and the practice of medicine and communicating these things in a way that doesn't make the medical professionals roll their eyes and think, oh great, another Internet junkie who thinks they know my job. It's got me thinking...I sometimes say I'll be a doctor in my next life, because I obviously have a penchant for retention of that material now. But what if I tried to get into that field in this life? I don't have the temperment for significant patient/family contact, but something in research maybe? What I would give to get into the field of cardiothoracics and try to invent a means of reducing the 90% mortality rate on aortic dissections.....just gets me thinking.....I could be raveling a thread, or......

Anyhoo, busy week ahead, assisting Lil Sis with Mom where needed and Thanksgiving and all that entails...

I FINISHED the MIL SOCKS! Woohoo! And they fit me, so they'll def fit her :)

Still a little addlepated from the weekend, but trolling my fave blogs appears to be settling the ole noggin...Mom's computer is downright uncomfortable to use (the angles of the desk are weird), and her Internet connection blows...I got home last night in tech withdrawal, but didn't have the energy to do anything about it, so today at work, it's all I can do to edit sites when my goof-off side wants to catch up on my interests. Jenna's had some really interesting posts the last couple of days, and the blogs are rife with Thanksgiving food and decor ideas.

As y'all know, Thanksgiving is my absolute fave holiday, and though the dinero is seriously thin this year, I hope to make apple butter pumpkin pie and a side dish, and Les is smoking a turkey breast, to take to my fam's potluck at Mom's this year. My high school alma mater, Seminole High, is representing FL in the Macy's parade and all three of my friend K's kids are marching, so I'll be straining my eyes in between cooking for a glimpse of my pals (they come on TV around 10:35ish cool that they can know that ahead of time!). I love catching the dog show on right after the parade, and then we meander over to Mom's. If Mom's up to it, she, LS, and I will hit the Avenues or St Johns Town Center on Black Friday for a little sale trolling, people watching, and general merriment. We may be dirt-poor this holiday season, but I feel pretty rich going into it.

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