Tuesday, October 19, 2010

OK, new topic!

So young, so full of promise...I was 2 or 3 in that photo. I should wear more red; doesn't clash with my blue eyes as much as I tend to think....the brown hair saves the look. Lord, I can be vain. I call it self-pride, but I'm pretty sure I'm kidding myself sometimes...

Actually, I've got nothing of substance going on...just wanted to push Monday's post down a little. It was way heavy, and I want it lower before the thumpers start commenting...living in the South, I'm always on the lookout for born-agains who think a discussion on the topic will convert me...like I haven't given the matter any thought before speaking with them. Religion and faith just ain't subjects I'm willing to enter into a debate about....I'm chicken about debate as a general rule, but the hairy subjects in particular cause me to stick my head in the sand and wait for you to go away. Cowardice breeds patience. I'm sure that mindset comes from never being able to win an argument with Dad until I was too old to care about winning, but that thought slips back into hairy territory, so we'll leave it right where it's typed and move on.

"Copy that, QWLD, how's the weather down there in Florida?"
From the movie Contact

The mornings and evenings have FINALLY cooled down here, but I grieve for my lost autumn. Bloggers have been good with the reminders of what I'm missing, and I live vicariously through them as I look to the future. We're barely making ends meet these days, and the holidays are going to be damn thin. I couldn't care less as we move toward the bloody season, but his fam requires a level of implied largesse that belies/hides their unhappiness...I need to start brainstorming on seriously frugal gift ideas. Even baking gets pricey if I'm not careful, so some planning needs to occur, because if my checks don't get better, we're in trouble here.

Turns out I'm not as into Brit Lit as I thought...the old stuff is serious snoresville. Much as I'm curious to broaden my range of books read, I'm realizing that digging into short stories of more current voices is what will help me with my writing. Figures that after 2 weeks of trolling for Norton anthologies at the library, I end up coming back to stuff I've got in my own bookshelves.....

"So Dorothy gets to the end of the Wizard of Oz and Glinda, the good witch, goes, ::high warbling laugh::, 'but you had the power to get back home all along...all you had to do was tap your heels together...'........I always wanted Dorothy to slap the shit out of her. 'You had the power to tell me that 3 hours ago! Did I need this acid trip? One minute I'm fine, everything's normal, next thing you know I've got a f*ckin' tree chasing me down the road! Now I want a one-way ticket back to Kansas NOW! or I start shoving dead midgets out the door....'"

~ Paraphrased from Dennis Miller's Off White Album (it's a 20-year-old album, so my apologies for the non-PC midget reference)

As you can see, I get a little impatient with myself for not catching onto things quicker...

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