Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Nothing of substance

Just mental wanderings...

Opened the windows last night for a bit. I stepped outside this morning to cool air on my arms and wanted to cry with relief. Won't think about the temps going back up a bit next week...will just enjoy, embrace, revel in the sweet cool air...

The Jacksonville Jaguars beat the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday. In other news, hell froze over.

Watched Law & Order: UK last night...I think I love it a little. Practically need closed captioning for deciphering the British accents, but that makes it fun. Makes me glad too, because Law & Order: Los Angeles did NOT blow my skirt up.

Caprica's back tonight!

Sinking my hands into yarn again in the evenings...I will finish the MIL sock this month! Also tucking away at a pullover, a wrap, and some long fingerless gloves...feels good.

The Great Smoky Mountains got snow last night. Next October really can't come fast enough.

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