Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Taking Stock

Outside: supposedly a decent Harvest moon tonight...may have to venture out to check later.

Inside: NickToons in the background, typing in the foreground, HEPA filter creating white noise in the back-background...

Wearing: big honkin' tie-dye Pooh T-shirt

Creating: opportunities for myself

Going: to go veg in front of tube soon with knitting

Reading: Eat Pray Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

Hoping: I get a first call for an interview for the HR Manager position and a 2nd call for the QC Manager position. That's what Kelly Clarkson's lyrics were finally realizing that I certainly can't improve my sitch by doing nothing...that being happy where you're at isn't enough sometimes...I have the necessary skills for both those jobs, so it's becoming a case of doing right by me.

I ache for Autumn and it eludes us here. I bought those squash the other day because I just couldn't help myself (note to self: scour Internet for recipes!), and there was nary a good apple to be found yet at the store...going to hit Native Sun this weekend. Today I wore interview clothes, so tomorrow I'll wear the outfit I wanted to wear short-sleeve sweater top, beige slacks, and my large beautiful necklace (a Jewelry by Christy original) with the resined maple leaf as the centerpiece...hopefully piccies forthcoming...for now, you just get the squash /;)

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