Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Taking stock and catching up

So I usually update this at work, cuz it's just easier, but I never remember to download pics beforehand, so today you get a pic of my dream kitchen, which I snuck from one of the real estate's the remodeled kitchen of my old house in Warren, which is still on the market, I think...I'd probably do something a little different with the cabinet doors, but the layout speaks to my desire for more counterspace and a window...

Nothing mind-blowing occurred in the last week to cause the pause in posts...just regular life and a little hormonal depression. I caught Eat Pray Love at the flicks with Mom on Saturday...nice movie, a little predictable. Been inside my head a bit these days, but not enough for me to realize I need to snap out of it.

Outside: Gorgeous. Was overcast all last week with steady rains that still weren't enough to bring up the retention ponds to their erosion points. This week's sunny, temps have dropped a's imperceptable unless you're looking for it, and if you are, like me, you breathe a small sigh of relief and think about autumn. I'm determined to start living autumn, regardless of the heat. Made chili this week...tomato sauce and applesauce aren't far behind, and I'm looking forward to baking bread again.

Inside: Meh. Work ebbs more than it flows, and I've been copywriting to fill the space. It makes the days go by faster, but also gets old, writing the same type of persuasive language over and over again. I'll never really be comfortable writing advertising copy...give me proper grammar and an Oxford comma any day.

Wearing: Heh...almost same as last week...that beautiful green and blue paisley with my black highwaters. SO nice to have a decent wardrobe to choose from, and helps me see when other areas of my image need improving (that's not a body dig...I need a haircut and some serious color, getting trimmed this weekend).

Creating: Spending time in my head means less time with my sticks and string...found some novels at the library that are barely holding my interest...need to get back on MIL sock, don't want completion of that stretching out...need to start thinking about xmas...

Going: to Mom's to clean her apartment while she's in Charlotte this laundry while I'm there. Otherwise getting a jump on to-do lists, budgeting, purging at home...the usual weekend dream.

Reading: Dandelions in a Jelly Jar by Traci Depree...and realizing that my faith is a mix of different pantheons and that it's time to really read Evolutionary Witchcraft and Earth Path, because those trains of thought continue to speak to me more than the Eastern faiths...

Hoping: I can get some things accomplished this weekend, develop a better attitude about my birthday next week, and continue to be kind to myself when not enough "stuff" gets accomplished to my satisfaction.

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