Monday, September 20, 2010

A Good Weekend

Glimpses from the weekend:

Crud, forgot the ladybug photo...

In these precious 2-day weekends, it's important to recognize early what's realistic on the ole to-do lists. I had 2 events, so to speak, that would take me out of the apartment this weekend, so I let myself off the hook and determined that digging into boxes wasn't going to occur. Recognizing this early on allowed me to accomplish other things with a clearer head.

Saturday morning-into-afternoon was spent budgeting and paying bills, as well as goofing off on Facebook. I started thinking about a grocery list, and Les went to Costco for a few items. Midday I realized I could nap or I could go work out, so I put on my suit and hit the pool at the Y (those steps in the right direction still mean so much to me). Got back, relaxed a bit, showered, and then jaunted downtown to catch some friends in concert at our local Pagan Pride day. Kicked myself later for not dragging Mom along...I think she would've enjoyed the music and not felt out of place at all. It felt SO good to see some old friends again, and I left the park feeling relaxed and happy. Got home, made dinner, and relaxed with Eat Pray Love, which Les had been good enough to grab for me for a steal at Costco earlier that day.

Sunday, I got up on a mission, it seemed. I knew I wanted to polish off the laundry that day, rather than stall and have to blow off working out Monday night to get it done. I knew I wanted to bake a little something and clean the kitchen beforehand. So after cinnamon rolls and Internet play, I started the laundry and then tackled the kitchen and the refrigerator. Took out trash, consolidated recycling, was a domestic day. Mid-afternoon, the cookie dough was in the fridge and the kitchen was in good shape. I grabbed a shower and a ride from Mom, and we went to Lil Bro's to celebrate my nephew H's birthday early. H is turning 10 at the end of the month, and Lil Bro recently eloped with A, so there was plenty of reason to celebrate. A made a delicious dinner, Mom and I played Uno with H, and I just marveled at how much he's changed. I haven't seen him, I think, since last Thanksgiving...Lil Bro works basically 7 days a week, gets H every other weekend, and I'm not on speaking terms with the ex, so it's pretty catch-as-catch-can where get-togethers are concerned. H is autistic, but has the distinction of being the most high-functioning student at Jericho, so mainstreaming him into public school next year should be a success, provided they shop around for the best program here (a daunting task I don't envy his folks for, as I can't stand the public school system here in Jax).

Sidebar: how sad is it that I work for a website design company and my Flash on my computer is so outdated, I can't even see the Jericho website from here...?

I was in awe. I call him my blond stringbean, and it's an accurate moniker: he's up to my chest already, all arms and legs. Listening to him engage in conversation without prompting, spontaneous bits of discussion, and watching his glee over his big birthday present (a computer printer he's been bugging Lil Bro for, for the better part of this last year)...he was like any other kid, with just a bit of social awkwardness and a penchant for looking down at times. His human pinball tendencies are markedly reduced, and he's still delightfully tactile for an autistic, giving hugs willingly and snuggling with A on the couch. Mom and I left with full bellies and warm hearts.

This week, I'm recognizing that I need to scale down my dreams of stocking up on food, because it requires money we don't have. I'm working out every other day. There's new TV on to distract me, which I hope will get me knitting again. Autumn comes on Wednesday. It may not come to our neck of the woods until December, but I'm determined to continue my efforts to live in an autumn manner, heat be damned.

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