Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Planning Wednesday

Increased my Paxil back to the prescribed amount, just for kicks, and that combined with the exercise seem to be settling my brain nicely. I'm more focused and not quite so scattered (yes, they can be two different things), and that's a relief with the extra activity I'm injecting into my daily sched. I'm learning very quickly that it's time to start making meals on the weekends to freeze, if I'm going to continue exercising right after work.

I'm waking up in a good mood. Underneath all the flab, I feel strong. There's even the beginnings of definition in my legs, which is almost laughable...since I'm so heavy, it takes a discerning eye to catch it, but I know my body's changing for the better, and that feeling sends me to the friggin' moon. Even the fact that the workouts have been harder the last couple of days doesn't deter me, because I know it's just my body getting used to the activity...breaking down and building up again. Remember that phrase from gym class?

I'm taking tomorrow off work to help my mom...she's having a rather yucky test performed on her back and needs someone close for the next day or two. Will also be taking this time to organize my household notebook, work on our budget, and get some knitting in. Since I'm not working out the next day or two, I'll be watching what I eat more carefully...I haven't been as diligent on my diet yet, been telling myself that I could keep eating like normal, since I've been on a plateau for years now, and will still lose weight since I'm finally actually burning calories. Yeah, I know it's a flawed train of it's about time to look more carefully at what's going into the body too, not just what I'm burning.

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Victoria said...

Keep going strong with your exercising, the more you do the more good endorphins you will produce and the better you will feel :) I am trying to start a routine too just to get rid of the baby fat!