Monday, August 02, 2010

A good weekend...or, gone domesticated!

A productive weekend, thank goodness! We had the opportunity to travel to SC to celebrate Husby's grandmother's 90th in a family bash, or to truck down to the Tampa area to join my college buds in a long-awaited reunion. We blew off both opportunities (traveling really shreds Les, and it's not even technically Grandma's birthday for another month), and while I wish I could've gone to see my guys (from college), I'm also quite happy we stayed put. We simply don't have the dough to go gallavanting, and I feel so good about the small steps I made getting organized instead.

Honestly, it was a decision of knowing that the money I would be spending on a hotel room down in Tampa needed to be spent elsewhere. Last Friday the 23rd, I was innocently lolling around on my bed, talking on the phone with Lil Sis, when I dropped my right knee down and felt something give. The pain was so sharp and immediate, it made me lightheaded. I got off the phone with her and tried to straighten out my knee. No dice. I ever-so-carefully tried inching it outward by degrees and after a couple of minutes, it caught properly and straightened out. Took Advil (and a pinch of a Husby happy pill) and iced it the rest of the night.

I've never had a wake-up call affect me like that, but that's exactly what it was. I'm pretty sure it was a minor dislocation of my kneecap (based on my talks with my orthopedist a couple of years back about where my weaknesses were in that joint). I marched, well, limped, to the local YMCA the next day and signed my big ass up. Luckily, my company has a partnership with them, and the fees are affordable for just me. Poor Husby is quite jealous, but we just can't afford a family membership right now. My knee recovered within 24 hours, but it's brought home to me how weak my joints have gotten, where my arthritis issues are, and where I most need to work my body. I also started taking glucosamine-chondroitin supplements, and surprisingly, I'm already noticing a difference. Still working on making the Y a habit, but I was a serious hormone hostage last week...I'll do better this week.

So, can ya tell how happy I'll be when we have a) our own washer and dryer in our domicile, and b) a backyard clothesline? Saturday dawned with me hoofing it to Mom's to take advantage of her laundry facilities. It's so helpful having her so close, but I also don't mind paying for it sometimes and using the community washers at my complex, because at least that way I can get stuff done at home while I'm washing. By some miracle, I've never had anything stolen (in 12 years of residing at this complex), even though I leave stuff there....I just don't let it go far past the time when they're done. Probably means I'm due for a theft though, and I should go knock on wood... :)

Believe it or not, that bookcase shot is an improvement. That whole area still needs a lot of work, obviously, but I was most concerned on Sunday with reacquainting myself with what-all we have over there. Holy crap, the sheer number of books we own and don't want to part with is enough to make me nutty. I went into that area to clear off the table, and it ended up being the only area that didn't get touched. But I went through the boxes in that area, recycled a serious pile of paper, and got the most current Goodwill down to the car. Also moved the stereo back out there, which is a relief, as it's been taking up the whole top of my bedroom dresser for more than a year now, and we just don't listen to it enough to justify its placement in the bedroom. Heck, thanks to iTunes, the thing's practically a relic (dual cassettes, baby!), but still functions fine, so I moved it to the bookcase and got my primping station back. That gorgeous jewelry box (below) is a hand-me-down from Lil Sis; we traded at Christmastime, because she needed something smaller and I needed something bigger. Absolutely love the sucker, and now it's exactly at the right spot for putting on earrings in the mornings.

And apparently I'm an ace at gardening when I plant something, place a shade over it, and leave it the hell alone. My first peppers and tomatoes have died, as have the original basil and parsley, pitiful victims of overwatering. But after the ducks finally vacated the premises, I started a fresh tomato plant (with 2-year-old seed, even), as well as fresh basil, rosemary, and marjoram. I think the rosemary was a casualty of the ducks trying to nest in that big pot right after the last egg hatch, but when I smoothed out the soil, watered it only occasionally (since the rainy season is finally upon us), and left the screen door over the whole mess, viola! The tomato is the small pot, and the basil is coming up like gangbusters. I really should thin it, so it doesn't choke itself out...maybe I'll try my hand at some homemade pesto this coming weekend!


I'm in a really good place right now :)

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