Friday, July 16, 2010

Good ole Friday

Sets my mind to dreamin', yes it does...I'm knitting on my cardi in my head and poking along on socks too. I'm tenderly nursing my plants and digging in hard on the dining area. I'm reading library books and dedicating time to just think...

But first, the laundry...and that's not a euphemism for those of you who read Karen Maezen Miller. Actually I am in the middle of her 2nd book, Hand Wash Cold, and it's got me thinking it's about time to get serious about zazen, because my mind's been in hummingbird mode of late and could really use a daily timeout.

But the stuff I'm talking about, I'm dragging over to Mom's first thing tomorrow to get it over with...gotta love when you can't afford to do laundry. I mean, it certainly makes sense to do it at Mom''s free there, and that whopping 1-mile commute ain't exactly a hardship. The differences are a the laundry facility at my complex, you can usually get away with using more than 1 washer/dryer at a time, thus it takes a shorter amount of time to plow through the pile...the downside is they're really the epitome of community washers; we have quite a few laborers living in our complex, and you never know quite what you're going to find in a machine. So it's kind of a push.

I hope to dig into a box or three this weekend. I hope to play on NetVibes in the hopes of consolidating the daily crap I peruse, so that ultimately, I'll spend less damn time on the computer. I hope to take some pictures. I hope to knit some and read a bunch. I hope...

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