Friday, July 30, 2010

Dreamy Friday

I'm at work, plunking along on sites, with half my brain stirring up dreams and my left leg jiggling from boredom. We're running low on work and I may try to bail early, if the opportunity presents itself. I'm a half hour over this week as it is, because I stayed late training in Photoshop on Tuesday.

I'm chatting online with my oldest pal. Her sig other is selling their house, or trying to; in this market, I comment, they've got their work cut out for them, even in the Hamptons. It stirs memory, so I look up whether our old house in CT is still on the market. I stalked it a couple of months back and saw that it was; the previous owner passed in '07. They bought it from us back in '85, the family developed some of the land and put another house on it, and they completely gutted and remodeled the original house. Its interior is gorgeous now; the kitchen a dream of mine. I need to grab those pictures and make notes before it goes off the market, because that house really became something after we left it - though I don't think you could pay me to move back to those winters, even if we won Lotto.

My mind shifts to the weekend. I'll knock off the laundry first thing, and hit the Y tomorrow; and then get cracking on reorganizing. We signed our new lease this week, and rather than be depressed by this turn of events, I choose to organize and purge. I'm thinking hard about all the furniture we have. I want to refinish Dad's cabinets, but I need to take a good, hard look at them, and determine if they're solid enough to keep or if I need to cut the cord (maybe just keep one?). I'm betting they're in good shape, and they certainly have utility - they're both full of kitchen stuff currently. But they're also huge and bulky, and it begs the question of how necessary they'd be in a larger home down the road. Then again, I won't look for a house that doesn't have at least a carport, so they could always find utility as they did the first 35 years, for storage. Just talked myself into keeping them, didn't I? :) But they're getting refinished, the top edges need shaving and sanding badly, and I'd like to paint them something soft and pretty, maybe stencil something on the tops of the doors.

But first, the dining area needs work, and we have to dig into the boxes in the opposite corner. We're both packrats, but I'm determined to cut the cord on more stuff...I mean, if something's been in a box for 10 years unused, why the hell are we keeping it? And some of the stuff I inherited when we sold Mom's house...I know I was grabbing some stuff because it was my only way to cope with what was happening, but now that enough time has past, I hope I can look at some things and release them.

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