Friday, May 14, 2010

I think it went fine.

That's my mantra, if anybody asks. In reality, I can't formulate an objective opinion on the experience. I think I talked too quickly, lost my train of thought several times (including in the middle of frickin' sentences), was overtly nervous, didn't have enough questions prepared for them, didn't grill them well enough about the nuts and bolts of the position, didn't ask about pay (other than to confirm it was a salaried position), and fortheloveofgod I missed my lithium. On lithium, I'm able to focus, I don't get jittery, and my speech maintains a speed that humans can understand. Maybe off it, I'm more real, but that wasn't completely what I wanted to sell to them, that's for sure.

Ah well...they said they'd email me about the writing assignment, and I'm already compiling a list of questions/comments for a hopeful 2nd interview...though since I already met with our CMO today as well, not sure what the next step would be. My email back to the director will reiterate my experience, desire for the position...yeesh, 1st interviews on a friday suck. Nothing to do but spend the weekend second-guessing every word that came out of your mouth.

In other news, NBC has solidified their place in history as the most idiotic of the 3 networks by cancelling Law & Order. (edit: just lost Trauma too, the bastards) I'm in mourning.

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