Monday, March 08, 2010

Monday and other nonsense

Poor Husby is enjoying a bout of diverticulitis, so took him to the doc today.

Tomorrow I'm having the angiogram done. Not thinking about it too hard. There's no point in getting nervous over it, I figure. Instead I'm concentrating on esthetics, like I really should shave my legs and maybe some other places... /:)

They said that my pics from the nuclear stress test showed a shadow, which they think is a breast artifact (meaning my boob was in the way). I think they're telling me everything...i mean, it's obvious when I talk to people that I worked in medicine for 5 minutes and understand the terminology. Still...

I put on the brave face for Husby, of course; poor guy's worried enough for the both of us. But I'm sure once I'm in the clinical setting tomorrow, I'll be a little spooked. I mean, nobody likes being in a gown having stuff done to them. Still...

But I'll bring something to read during the down time (they're giving me a local, I think, so knitting would be foolhardy), and dream of my farm and living further north. They're good dreams; they keep me going.

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