Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Recently crossed off "to-do" list...

1. Created fresh floor space in bedroom.
2. Unearthed kitchen from weeks' worth of dirty dishes.
3. Unearthed dining area, reorganized a box or three.
4. Planned or created meals that will last as leftovers for the rest of the week (tuna casserole last night, shepherd's pie tonight...we won't discuss the disaster that was the white chicken chili...::sigh::).

The Goodwill/Hubbard House box still sits in the living room, accumulating excrement. I'm going to hang the bedroom curtain this week if it kills me. Clearing some dust collectors off the top spaces in the bedroom, disappearing some things, tossing some others...

Got an offer from one of the collection agencies that would help the ole credit score if I took them up on it...gotta find a way to make that work. August coming too quickly!

Feels so good to be feeling better after the whiny, miserable head cold...will feel even better once I'm past the medical tests I'm getting done tomorrow.

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