Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stopping by blog on a Sunday evening...

Whose words these are, I think I know.
My brain's awake and so they flow.
You will not see me moping here,
While the work week looms and my moods swing low.

My hormone imbalance has become clear,
As my mood's actually great these days, full of cheer.
I'm motivated and energized by artificial means,
Which I'll enjoy as the end of the 2-week-wait nears.

Am I pregnant? I certainly hope so,
But if not, I'm ready to change and grow,
So the next month will bring opportunity and grace,
While I eat better, exercise,...and Starbucks...just say no.

The living room is lovely, dark, and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And dreams of motherhood as I drift to sleep,
And dreams of motherhood as I drift to sleep.


So glad that Garrison Keillor's stroke was minor. That man has such a gift. I may not listen to his radio show every week, but his writing inspires me and reminds me that I still have a writer inside of me. Gods, please watch over him and his family. I love to hear about his sandy-haired, gap-toothed daughter.


Concentrating on sock #1 for xmas, but still brainstorming about other things to was a homebody weekend, no funds for exploring, so helped Mom a bit yesterday, because she's moving in 2 weeks to a new apartment and next weekend, she'll attend her 50th high school reunion in CT, so time is precious...


That Robert Frost rip-off eluded to a book I discovered earlier today...Jillian Michaels had a PBS special, of all things, on this morning plugging the book she put out earlier this year. It's got me all over's about changing your metabolism in response to possible hormonal deficiencies or other health issues. The first $22 I can grab this week, I'll be buying that sucker. I can't live like this any longer; it's the key to my infertility.


In a seriously good place, thank goodness. Really bitter about my company, how they treat us, take advantage of us, but like Dad used to say, you can stand on your head for as long as necessary to reach your dreams (OK, I'm paraphrasing, as the guy was a bit broken down by life and didn't voice his dreams as much as I do, but you get the idea...), so with 11 months left til my hopeful escape from this god-forsaken city, I'm planning a budget, starting savings accounts to get our life in order, and just overall, setting things in motion to get us there. Feels damn good.

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