Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Welcome to May!

Sunny, 80s, no foreseeable end in sight. Well, until the temps rise another 10. ::sigh:: We need rain.

Pondering seriously the concept of putting sunscreen on arms and face before work, buying more to replenish said areas if I go out to lunch...my Lil Sis voiced her intention to lay out at the beach possibly, while Mom goes under the knife next Monday, and I almost yelled "are you nuts?! Irish skin! Melanoma! Grasp the correlation!" I feel old.

Had a funny on Saturday, was quite proud of myself for remembering to put sunscreen on arms and face before going out to Riverside Arts Market...locals who've been to this can give it a think and giggle at me, I don't mind. The entire market takes place under the Fuller Warren bridge here in Jax. No sun. Like, anywhere, unless you go really close to the water. Still, I'm learning.

2WW blows. Although, how funny is it that there's a whole website kind of dedicated to it...

Bad girl nostalgia...Starbucks had two small boxes of NO2 canisters for their whipped cream out on the counter...I went through a teeny, tiny, brain-cell-killing phase with those suckers post-college, pre-Husby. Closest I'll ever get to dropping acid was mainlining those suckers while watching MTV's Amp back in the day. Very glad to be past those phases...I don't even enjoy drinking right now (well, good thing since I'm on the 2ww, but you know what I mean...). Meara's ready to disown my Irish ass.

People against House and Cuddy hooking up are complete dorks. The writers of that show tend to put our head misanthrope in some kind of peril at the end of every season, but last night's ep really laid him open, at his most vulnerable. Excellent, excellent TV...I was in heaven.

On the other side of the coin, the idiots in charge of programming at NBC 86d Life yesterday. F*cking rat bastards. Wish it would jump ship to TNT or something, but that's such a pipe dream...for all the talk of shows jumping networks, it happens so rarely it's not worth the words here. I swear the only decent show(s) left on NBC are the L&O franchise. I also swear I'm going to do more turning off of the tube this year. I know, what a concept. We'll never be a keep-the-brain-sucking-box-in-the-closet family, but I can certainly modify my behavior to start...see how it goes...

Ok, back to work...

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