Wednesday, May 06, 2009


One of the true joys of the 2WW is wondering if you're pregnant about 64,000 times a day, and spending the other 47, 623 times convincing yourself that you're that the disappointment will be "easier"...hah. What a load that is.

I'm ready for my 4-day weekend. So ready. Originally took next Monday for Mom's procedure...she's getting electrical leads implanted into her back to relieve the pain of a degenerating disc...but Meara will be home to handle most of that. And next Tuesday is Dad's 2 year. Don't know what I'm doing with myself yet that day, but it sure won't involve work. Beach maybe? Park? I've slacked on cooking and cleaning a bit, and am quite ticked at myself for doing so. I want to plant more, and maybe buy some herbs...there's an herb festival this weekend I'm thinking of attending. Work is just SO in the way right now.

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