Thursday, May 28, 2009

Slight emotional eating issue

So I spent last night obsessing that we'd missed my baby-making window this month, while Husby snored away on the couch, deep in a migraine, so even if I were ovulating, I'd feel bad about making him get it on...instead of making dinner, I inhaled a couple of Publix's version of those Drumstick ice cream cones...

This morning, headache waning, LH surging...I gotta get a grip.

Looking forward to weekend...missed arts market last weekend (slept til frickin' 2 p.m. that day!), so may venture out there this Saturday...gotta do some more organizing and cleaning. It's nice to finally be getting a start on it.

Coffee and sandwich made again this morning...seriously nice to be doing that too.

And yes, I know, no one can make me feel inadequate except me...actually Soulemama's about my favorite blog...I'm hooked on her small people, her crafty brain...

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