Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Day of Summer Yesterday!

Well, in Florida my book, that is. I mean, last week was straight rain with no respite, it seemed, but yesterday we had sun and 80s, and then around 3:30 the clouds started rolling in. I'm on the third floor of a very windowed building, so we had front row seats to the show. Delightfully black clouds :) One of my colleagues mused (nailed it, in fact) that one of the clouds was the shape of the ship in the Disney flick, Flight of the Navigator. The rains broke around 4:30, a soaking, surprisingly chilly rain. It hung around for maybe an hour, then the sun came back out, dried everything off, and went down for the night. Clockwork.

The crape myrtles are blooming white in the parking lot....I like them better than the harsh pink of the ones at the old building. The magnolias are splaying out too, almost feels like we live in the south. I contend that Florida isn't true South...people aren't quite as friendly here as they are in the Carolinas, you have to search for decent BBQ, and while the place is rampant with Christians, we don't have churches coming out of our ears. But the live oaks still drip with Spanish moss and loom across roadways like cathedral arches, and the rains hit in the afternoons to muck up our driving and hairstyles. I'll take it. I'm still an uppity Yankee at heart, but there are times when this area of the country speaks to me. Just wish I were on a farm somewhere, digging in the dirt, instead of slogging away at a computer. Baby steps.

Been buying myself some tops lately that actually fit, and the difference in my body image is interesting...still very unhappy with how badly I've let myself go, but I feel less of a need to cover my body in layers to hide it (which is a good thing, now that the weather's turning)...

Made my coffee and lunch again...this could be habit-forming!

Work was seriously frustrating yesterday, so my brain shut down when I got home ... didn't get much done. But the upshot of cleaning the closet is having to move around Goodwill bags in the bedroom, so that'll get dealt with this evening in between laundry loads. Dishes are piling again damn easy to let that go. Been reading Two Frog Home, going to look back on a couple of her posts...she's in the process of starting a fresh community blog to emphasize how you can be a homemaker who works, as opposed to a working woman who keeps a home. There's a distinct difference, and I think my sanity would improve if I could better grasp that concept. I think about things I want, like a real dining table for eating, and to make my own curtains and placemats, such simple things that really do make a difference in your living environment.

And if Amanda Soule weren't such a lovely person, I'd have to stop reading her blog for fear of feeling really inadequate. Can someone explain to me how she can wrangle 4 kids ages 7, 5, 3, and 6 months, and now a 7-week-old puppy, without flipping out and running naked down the center of town? I get that we see the good days in that blog, that she does have bad days like anyone else, but holy cow, I can't imagine throwing an animal into the mix of that many personalities clammering for attention at any given time. My head would spin off its axis and fly around the room.

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